Swim Diaper - Pink Turtles (Medium)
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Sale Swim Diaper - Pink Turtles (Medium)

Swim Diaper - Pink Turtles (Medium)

Brand: Smart Bottoms
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Smart Bottoms side-snapping swim diaper features three rows of snaps on each side, allowing you to adjust for the perfect fit. It is lined with a moisture wicking fabric to help prevent rashes and keep solids contained. This diaper meets the requirements for most public pools. Swim diapers do not require any additional diaper. They are intended to retain solids, not liquids. A reusable absorbent insert may be placed inside when baby is not in the water. We do not recommend any absorbent material be used with this product in the water as it may weigh the child down. This cover may be used over a disposable swim diaper to meet the requirements of public pools. Material Contents Inner: 100% Polyester Outer: 100% Cotton Care Instructions Wash and dry warm. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Features Sizing: Small (8-16lbs), Medium (16-30lbs), Large (30-50lbs) Gentle elastic around waist and legs won't leave red marks. Snaps may be off-set to get the perfect fit around the waist and legs.