Dream Diaper Review

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Review of Smart Bottoms Dream Diaper

The Smart Bottoms is know for their Organic Cotton AIOs, but while they are perfect products, they do take 10-12 washes to prep. A lot of cloth diapering parents dont mind this, and some even find this prepping process soothing! However, for those of you who are in a hurry to get these diapers on the bum, they have come up with an awesome product - Dream Diaper

Here are a few differences between the Dream Diaper and the 3.1

·         The diaper doesn’t need to be prepped

·         The extra long tongue is not sewn, but rather snaps in at the back.

·         It’s made of a cotton and hemp blend.

·         It also comes with a pocket to add another insert or tuck-in the tongue inside

What I like the most about the Dream Diaper at how trim it is and perfectly suited for Indian summers. It comes with a insert that can be used during the day and you can boost the absorbency by using the overnight insert. This allows you to customize the absorbency and trimness as per your requirements.

What is still the same, sturdy snap design at the waist with four different rise settings for sizing, it’s still got the same, thick waterproof layer of PUL, the encased elastic at the back, and the gentle, un-encased leg elastics that are so soft against chubby baby thighs.

So, go ahead and try one… you will love it :)


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