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The Journey

Tushions started in June 2015, when our son was born. I was one of those moms who started with disposable diapers, loved the convenience and never wanted to use cloth for my baby. But throwing those 15 diapers a day (my son was a frequent pooper) in the dustbin was hurting me from within. But I was not aware of another alternative!

When I heard about cloth diapering, I could not believe something like this existed. I was sceptical initially but once I started using it there was no looking back. Soon, whenever I used to see people buying those huge packs of disposable diapers, I used to find hard to resist telling them to move to cloth diapering instead. And that’s when I decided to do my bit to promote cloth diapering!

Tushions was started almost 2 years back with a few products from Alva, but soon we realized that though Alva products are great and work well during the day, there is a need for a night time cloth diapering solution that works. We reviewed the brands available, approached Smart Bottoms to retail their products in India and became the first authorized retailer of Smart Bottoms in India. We now stock Thirsties, Imagine and Best Bottoms as well.

In October 2016, we also launched our own brand of Organic Cotton AIOs, Tush1, proudly made in India. We have lots more in store for this year and seek your support to create more awareness about cloth diapering in India.

Happy Cloth Diapering.

About Founder

Jaya is a full-time mom, a marketing MBA from IIM Lucknow and an Environmentalist at heart. She believes that we need to conserve the resources available to us and leave a better, greener earth for our children.

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